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Thread: Two Towers extended dvd

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    I've only watched the Easter Egg on disc one so far.. sasving the film for the weekend (when I'll have time to sit down and watch it).

    Anybody found any other Easter Eggs other than the Gollum one?
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    When I was a kid I found the LOTR novels to be dull. Great storylines, great characterization, but the multi-page descriptions of what the mountainside looked like (Among other things) kind of prolonged the storyline. I liked the Dragonlance novels a lot more back then (The original DL novels, that is).

    As far as the movies go, The Fellowship of the Ring I didn't like at all. It was boring and had very unrealistic scenes. For example, how did the hobbits outrun the Dark Riders when at some points you would see a horse inches behind Frodo & Sam? Unless hobbits can run at superspeed, my suspension of disbelief can only go so far.

    I found The Two Towers to be excellent. It had its flaws as well, but overall was an excellent movie. I look forward to buying the SE DVD, and hope Return of the King will be as good when it comes out (If not better).

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    That's kool VnV Demon!! Not everyone is going to feel the same way that other people and I feel! There is a deep connection! It cannot be explained! The books are held in the highest regard! The movie's sweetens the impact! FOTR was magical to me! I didn't look at it for the actuality and likliness of the situations, which to me were minimal, I saw it a brilliant book brought to life! Believable life! Never, in my word, has a fantasy film been able to do this! Some have come close, but never to the point where they completely cross the threshold! TTT, re-iterated that, though I found FOTR more enlightening! The EE version of both films are dead on and brilliant! I would have much rather preferred these to be aired in the cinemas, but I understand the production constraints!

    I don't think ROTK will disappoint most, but to each his own! I honour you for sharing your opinion! Cheers!! Namárië.

    I love it! I love it ALLLLL...... Mwuahahaha...
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    The only other film from this particular genre that was real good was probably Conan The Barbarian, although there were scenes in that film I didn't care for. One in particular was the part with the female coming back to life. That was ridiculous......And Conan The Destroyer (The sequel) was utter crap, so I won't comment on that one......There was word on a 3rd Conan film being made. I was wondering how that one would turn out, but it's questionable it'll come to fruition since Arnie will probably be too busy with politics to act in a film.

    I've been contemplating seeing the extended version of Fellowship, but if I didn't like the cinema release I doubt I'd like the extended version either....But who knows, I may eventually rent it, and possibly end up liking it.

    The Tolkien novel I liked as a kid was The Hobbit. It would be very cool if Peter Jackson made a film on that one.

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    I agree! I also like Conan The Barbarian and wasn't impressed by it's successor! Interesting if they made a third film! Maybe Arnie will be passing the reins off to an heir in the film (if he gets to do it) as he's getting pretty old now!

    As for The Hobbit, that was PJ's original project to bring to the big screens but after going around to the different companies he found that no one would back him with funds or genuine interest! He then decided to do the LOTR as he deemed it to be more interest provoking, but again the same experience with the companies! Just as he was about to give up all hope, New Line Cinema came along and backed him, even giving him the go ahead to make it a trilogy (as it was in true literature), instead of consolidating like some other companies had asked! Peter poured some NZ$100,000 dollars or so of his own money to get started because he believed in the project so much and it paid off! Maybe somewhere down the line, he'll consider doing The Hobbit in the distant future, but for right now I think the man deserves a long breather and a round of applause for him and his team's dedication! After all, LOTR has consumed their lives for almost 10 years now! They all need a break from "the precioussss....."! lol

    PJ's next project is a re-make of King Kong btw!!
    \"You gave away your life\'s grace. I cannot protect you any more!\"

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