Like most of you here, I'm a fan of a great remix, particularly when it extends an already great song a few extra minutes. Yet, sometimes, the mixes have NOTHING to do with the original song and sound like a new track all together.

How many of you prefer the "old school" extended mixes by the likes of Francois Kevorkian, Arthur Baker, Shep Pettibone, Marc Saunders, Peter Lorimer, Bob Sinclair, Razormaid, etc...?

How many prefer complete makeovers by the likes of The Underworld, Tin Tin Out, Dirty Vegas, Coldcut, Deep Dish, TP2K, etc..?

One thing I have noticed, is a slight return to the classic extended mix with a new kick. These mixes are done by the likes of Felix Da Housecat, Royskopp, etc... They extend the songs, and add just the right amount of new material to spice it up.

Anyway, just curious what most of you think. I guess I like both, with a lean towards the old school extended mixes.

X Esquire