Most of you know I already have a band, EuroVision, which is my #1 project..But I do have other music that is good, but not quite the sound I wanted for EV..But once again, I really like the music to these songs, and I want to know if anyone is interested in me sending some of the songs (instrumentals) to them so they can try to write lyrics and do vocals on them??

We can make it a side project or it can be for my still untitled solo project..

I hear all the time of electronic artists working on songs thru the mail or internet..In fact I discovered some bands here on EGN who live apart from each other (states apart or even countries)
but still write and record and release music just as any other band who lives close to each other does..

So if you're interested, my stuff is all synth/drum machines. I dont sing, sometimes I write lyrics, but on this particular stuff I have no lyrics yet..Maybe you can help and even sing..

Email me if you're interested or reply here with a way I can contact you..