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EBM #3
Part 3 1986-1990
By: Michael Casano

1. a;GRUMH - Belgian band a;GRUMH (S.3 Evets and J.3 Seuqcaj) released albums ranging from highly experimental electronic music to classic EBM. The band members were also in the short-lived band called A Chud Convention (1987 12” release Sorrow) with cEvin key and Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy. LP releases: ‘Mix Yourself’ (1985); ‘Rebearth’ (1986); ‘No Way Out’ (1986); ‘Black Vinyl Under Cover’ (1987); ‘We are a;GRUMH… And You Are Not’ (1988); ‘A Hard Day’s Knight’ (1989). Link:

2. A Split Second - Regarded by some as the precursor to the Belgian “New Beat” scene, A Split Second (Marc Ickx and Chrismar Chayell), were popular in Europe, as well as North America. Releases include: ‘A Split Second 12” ‘ (1986); ‘Ballistic Statues’ (1986); ‘…From The Inside’ (1988); ‘Kiss Of Fury’ (1990); ‘Flesh And Fire 1991 Remixes’ (1991); ‘Vengeance C.O.D.’ (1993); ‘Megabite’ (1995); ‘Transmix’ (2001). Link:

3. And One - And One is a popular German synthpop/EBM band. At the time of writing this, the official Web site was down. The link below is Ed Klein’s music database where an extensive And One discography is available.

4. Bigod 20 - Bigod 20 (consisting of members Talla 2XLC, Jallokin, and later, Zip Campisi) began their impressive career with the 1988 12” single ‘Body To Body.’ 1990 started their relationship with Zoth Ommog records when they released the 12” single ‘The Bog,’ with Jean Luc DeMeyer on vocals. In 1991 they released the 12” ‘Carpe Diem‘ and, in 1992, their first full-length CD ‘Steelworks.’ Link: (Unofficial, but nicely done).

5. Borghesia - Borghesia is a Slovenian band often compared to Laibach because of their affinity for political rhetoric and the obvious geographical commonality. A better comparison for their sophisticated, fetish-tinged, politically driven EBM sound might be In The Nursery meets Die Form. The band began in 1983 and has, since then, released a respectable array of music. Recommended release: ’Escorts and Models’ (1988); ‘Resistance‘ (1989). Link:

6. The Cassandra Complex - Forming in 1980, the massively prolific and entirely underrated band the Cassandra Complex indirectly led the way for bands like Suicide Commando, Haujobb, and Front Line Assembly with their “cyberpunk” style. In 1984, led by Rodney Orpheus, the Cassandra Complex released the 12” single ’March’. Their first LP, ’Grenade,’ was released in 1986. Link:

7. Cat Rapes Dog - Swedish band Cat Rapes Dog formed sometime around 1985. Citing diverse bands such as Big Black, Foetus, Swans, and Front Line Assembly as influences, Cat Rapes Dog has been at the forefront of cutting-edge EBM. The band released their first cassette in 1986 and their first 12”, ’Columna Vertabralis’ in 1988. ’Maximum Overdrive,’ the band’s first LP, was released in 1989. 1990 was their KK records debut with the release of their 12” ’Fundamental.’ Link:

8. Click Click - Adrian Smith and Derek E. Smith formed Click Click in 1982. Musical influences include: Can, Neu!, DAF, Frank Zappa, Sun Ra, Miles Davis, Captain Beefheart, the Residents, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and other electronic pioneering composers of the1950s and 1960s. LP releases: ‘Wet Skin and Curious Eye’ (1986); ‘Rorschach Testing’ (1988); ‘Bent Massive’ (1989). The band also released a split CD with Borghesia entitled ‘Double Bill’ (1988). Link: (official)

9. Clock DVA - Clock DVA was formed in 1978 by Adi Newton. The band’s first official album, ’White Souls in Black Suits’ was released in 1980. The band continued to release material until 1983. Then, after a five-year hiatus, Clock DVA emerged with a newly found aggressive electronic sound. In 1988 they released both “The Hacker” and “The Act.” Link:

10. Coil - Though they never considered themselves a dance band, Coil did release some club-friendly music. Emerging from Psychic TV in 1983, John Balance and Peter Christopherson have released some of the most challenging and sophisticated electronic music over the past two decades. This is only a short list of their influential releases: ’How To Destroy Angels’ 12” (1984); ’Scatology’ LP (1984); ’Panic/Tainted Love’ 12” (1985); ’Horse Rotorvator’ LP (1986); ’The Anal Staircase’ 12” (1987); ’Gold Is The Metal’ LP (1987); ’Love’s Secret Domain’ LP (1991). The list goes on. Link:

11. Company Of State - Belgian band Company Of State was comprised of Rudolf Hecke and Paul Taes. They certainly were not prolific in terms of output, but they did contribute to the Belgian dark wave scene with their first full-length album ’Drowning In Fire’ (1988, Antler Records). Link:

12. Dance Or Die - Dance Or Die originally signed with the Machinery label back in 1988. The band, founded in Berlin, Germany, is comprised of Gary Wagner and Andreas Goldacker. Early releases include: ’Dance Or Die’ (1989); ’3001’ (1991); ’Psychoburbia’ (1992). Link:

13. Das Ich - German band Das Ich consists of Bruno Kramm, Stefan Ackerman, Daniel Galda, and Jakob Lang. The band first appeared in 1990, on two compilation releases (‘Danse Macabre Tape Sampler‘, Danse Macabre, and ’German Mystic Sound Sampler 1,’ Zillo Records). LP releases include: ’Satanische Verse’ (1991); ‘Die Propheten’ (1992); ’Staub’ (1994); ’Das Inner Ich’ (1996); ’Egodram’ (1997); ’Morgue’ (1998); ‘Re Laborat/Re Animat’ (1999); ‘Re-Kapitulation’ (1999); ‘Antichrist’ 2002. Link: (Nice unofficial site that is a bit more user friendly than the official band site).

14. De/Vision - Popular German synthpop/EBM band De/Vision was founded back in 1988 by Steffen, Markus and Thomas. Never shying away from touring, the band has also released a large amount of great music. Releases: ’World Without End’ (1994); ’Unversed In Love’ (1995); ’Antiquity’ (1995); ’Fairyland?’ (1996); ’Monosex’ (1998); ’Zehn’ (1998); ’Void’ (2000); ’Two’ (2001); ’Devolution’ (2003). Link:

15. Dead Or Alive - I know it is a bit of a stretch including Dead Or Alive, but “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)” was such a huge club hit, well into 1986, that they do deserve some recognition. I would describe the band’s early music as aggressive synthpop, as opposed to EBM. The first two LPs are the Dead Or Alive’s strongest material in terms of relevancy here: ‘Sophisticated Boom Boom‘ (1984); ’Youthquake’ (1985). Link:

16. Die Form - Die Form formed in 1979. The band is centered around the abundant creativity of Phillipe Fichot. Die Form’s vast catalogue (which I will not list here, but is presented in great detail on the band’s official Web site) explores the darker side of human sexuality and Dadaist principles. Die Form has covered nearly every genre of electronic music: gothic, ambient, and EBM. Fichot’s photography and musical themes are definitely influenced by the work and theories of artists such as Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp. Link:

17. Digital Poodle - Digital Poodle was a band from Toronto that began releasing material on cassette in 1987. Early cassette releases on the band’s Shadow label were: ‘Pay Attention’ (1987); ‘’Poodle Crematorium’ (1988); ‘Snivel’ (1989); ‘Live Death’ (1989); ‘Baltic Work Force’ (1990). Eventually, the label became DOVentertainment. Digital Poodle released their first DOV label CD, ‘’Soul Crush,’ in 1991. Subsequent CD releases were: ‘Work Terminal’ (1992); ‘Elektronik Espionage’ (1993); ‘Division!’ (1994, Cleopatra Records). Link:

18. Dive - Dive is another Dirk Ivens project, which was started back in 1990. The band’s earlier releases were the most potent ones. An extensive discography can be found on Dirk Ivens’ Web site. A brief synopsis of the band’s early LP/CD releases are: ’Untitled’ (1990); ’First Album’ (1991); ‘Broken Meat’ (1992); ’Inside Out’ (1993); ’Concrete Jungle’ (1993); ’No Pain - No Game’ (1994). Link:

19. 808 State - By the mid 1980s acid house began to assert itself in the U.K. Bands such as the KLF and 808 State influenced the, soon to emerge, mainstream techno acts of the late eighties and early nineties. 808 State’s 1988 release, ’Newbuild,’ was extremely important in terms of the evolution of techno music in general. Because of some of the EBM/techno crossovers that will pop up from time to time in this series of articles, I thought 808 State deserved some mention. Link:

20. Einsturzende Neubauten - They were definitely not a dance band. However, Einsturzende Neubauten was the one band that really pushed, to the brink of chaos, the peculiarities and potentialities of rhythmic complexity and brutality. The German band formed around 1980, led by front man Blixa Bargeld. In 1981, the band began to take the shape of what was to come with Bargeld, N.U. Unruh, and F.M. Einheit. I normally do not like to recommend anthology albums that try to encapsulate a band’s career, but these three albums are an exception to that rule because they highlight well the band‘s power: ’Strategies Against Architecture: 80-83’ (1984); ’Strategies Against Architecture II: 84-90’ (1991); ’Strategies Against Architecture III: 1991-2001’ (2001). Link:

21. Esplendor Geometrico - Experimental in nature, Esplendor Geometrico, has often been compared to Throbbing Gristle, SPK, and Whitehouse. The band‘s recording career began in 1981. Though not really considered EBM, Esplendor Geometrico did release ’Kosmos Kino’ and ’Mekano-Turbo’ in 1988, which were probably their closest flirtations with the EBM sound. Other selected releases include: ’Sheikh Aljama’ (1991); ’Arispejal astisaro’ (1993). Link: (Unofficial, but very informative).

22. Force Dimension - Dutch band Force Dimension released their self-titled debut album in 1989 and ‘Deux Ex Machina’ in 1990. They also appeared on the 1990 KK Records compilation ’Crack Of A Belgian Whip.’ Link:

23. Front Line Assembly - Front Line Assembly began in 1985, after Bill Leeb left Skinny Puppy to pursue his own musical vision. Eventually, Michael Balch joined the band full-time in 1988. In 1989, Balch left FLA and Rhys Fulber joined in his absence. Undoubtedly, FLA has consistently been one of the truly innovative forces in the industrial/EBM world. In addition to FLA, Leeb and Fulber have been involved in side-projects such as Delerium and Intermix. Leeb was also involved in Cyberaktif with cEvin Key and Dwayne Goettel of Skinny Puppy. In my opinion, the band’s strongest releases were: ‘Gashed Senses and Crossfire’ (1989); ‘Caustic Grip’ (1990); ‘Tactical Neural Implant’ (1992). Link:

24. Funker Vogt - German band Funker Vogt was formed by vocalist Jens Kastel and keyboardist/composer Gerrit Thomas. They released their first album, ’Thanks For Nothing’ on the Zoth Ommog label in 1997. Other releases: ’We Came To Kill’ (1998); ’Killing Time Again’ EP (1999); ‘Execution Tracks’ (1999); ‘Maschine Zeit’ (2000); ‘Traum Zeit’ (2001); ‘Survivor’ (2002). Link:

25. In Sotto Voce - Slovenian band In Sotto Voce released very little material and were in existence for about two years. The duo of Boris Mikulic (keyboards/electronics) and Ilya Dimitrijevic (vocals/guitars) managed to release two 12” EPs in 1988 and 1989, both entitled “In Sotto Voce.” In 1989, the band released ‘Tracks.’ their only full-length album.

26. Information Society - Synthpop/EBM crossover band Information Society’s humble beginnings started back in 1981 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was not until 1988 that the band began to be recognized nationally and, eventually, internationally. The band (James Cassidy, Paul Robb, and Kurt Harland), due to their MTV presence and seemingly sudden popularity, were mostly cast aside by the music media as a passing band with a hit song. Releases: ’Information Society’ (1988); ’Hack’ (1990); ’Peace And Love, Inc.’ (1992). After ’Peace And Love, Inc.,’ both Robb and Cassidy left the band. Harland continued on with the 1997 Cleopatra release ‘Don’t Be Afraid.’ Link:

27. Insekt - Mario Varewijck and Eric Van Wonterghem formed Insekt. The band‘s variation of EBM was influenced by experimental bands such as Cabaret Voltaire and Hula. Releases: ‘We Can’t Trust The Insekt’ (1989); ‘Control Your Fear…Now!’ (1990); ‘Stress’ (1990); ‘Stressed’ 12” (1991); ‘Dreamscape’ (1992); ‘Live Creeps’ (1992); ‘In The Eye’ (1993); ‘Dreams In Pocket’ (1993). Link:

28. KMFDM - Some electronic purists have derided KMFDM, as well as Ministry, for urging on the apocalyptic sound of industrial metal and, in essence, tainting the electronic scene. Some have also accused KMFDM in particular of “selling out.” This notion of KMFDM “selling out” is ridiculous. Actually, I would love to see what that Pepsi commercial would look like. And while I am at it, this notion that electronic music should be devoid of electric guitars is about as pigheaded an idea as the guitar god morons who cringe when they hear a synthesizer. Can’t we all just get along? According to the band’s Web site, the earliest version of KMFDM came into existence in 1984, in Paris, France. Sascha Konietzko soon hooked up with En Esch, in Hamburg, Germany, and Raymond Watts. KMFDM was officially formed and the rest is history. The band eventually signed up with WaxTrax! in the U.S. and have been one of the more prominent fixtures on the industrial scene ever since. LP Releases: ’Opium’ (1984); ’What Do You Know, Deutschland?’ (1986); ’Don’t Blow Your Top’ (1988); ’UAIOE’ (1989); ’Naïve’ (1990); ’Money’ (1992); ’Angst’ (1993); ’Nihil’ (1995); ’XTORT’ (1996); ’Symbols’ (1997); ’agog’ (1998); ’Adios’ (1999); ’Attak’ (2002). Link:

29. Laibach - Slovenian band Laibach has been accused of being fascists, due to their questionable fashion sense. That is the usual reaction from an audience one would get when one chooses to parade around onstage in an SS uniform. Laibach has always maintained artistic licensure, claiming their musical presentations to be an ongoing parody of history, politics and Western civilization in general. They have also attacked the capitalist structure within the music industry, forwarding the notion that musicians, particularly in the States, are mere business students with a fist full of fictitious rebellion and a mouth full of poodle bark. With all of this seemingly infinite fodder for material, Laibach managed to release some very interesting music ranging from electronic dance music to chunks of highly caloric, hellishly epic, Wagnerian devil’s food cake. Selected releases: ’Nova Akropola’ (1985); ’Opus Dei’ (1987); ’Let It Be’ (1988); ’Macbeth’ (1990); ’Sympathy For The Devil’ (1990); ’Kapital’ (1992); ’NATO’ (1994); ’Jesus Christ Superstars’ (1996). Link: Official site.

30. Leaether Strip - Hailing from Denmark, Claus Larsen has been making hard-edged electronic music as Leaether Strip since 1989 with the release of his “Japanese Bodies“ single on the German Zoth Ommog label. Other selected releases are: ‘The Pleasure of Penetration’ (1990); ‘Science For The Satanic Citizen’ (1990); ‘Solitary Confinement’ (1992); ‘Underneath The Laughter’ (1993); ‘Serenade For The Dead’ (1994). As Klute, Claus released the full-length CD ‘Excluded’ (1993). Link:

31. Lords Of Acid - Emerging from the Belgian newbeat scene, Lords Of Acid’s early sound was a mangled mass of commercial dance, techno beats, and industrial intensity. Their popularity stemmed from the success of their 1988 single “I Sit On Acid.” Recommended releases: ’Lust’ (1991); ’Rough Sex’ (1992); ’Voodoo-U’ (1994). Link:

32. Meat Beat Manifesto - Formed in London in 1987, Meat Beat Manifesto’s music has since walked the fine line between techno and EBM. The band’s intention was to explore all realms of electronic dance music and they (Jack Dangers and Jonny Stephens) refused to be stereotyped. Selected releases: ‘Storm The Studio’ (1989); ‘99%’ (1990); ‘Armed Audio Warfare’ (1990); ‘Satyricon’ (1992); ‘Subliminal Sandwich’ (1996); ‘Actual Sound And Voices’ (1998); ‘R.U.O.K?’ (2002). Link:

33. Mentallo and the Fixer - Mentallo and the Fixer was formed by brothers Gary and Dwayne Dassing. The brothers originally began to experiment with electronic music as early as 1984, influenced by aspects of the new wave scene. In 1988, vocalist Rich Mendez was added, and the band released material under the name Benestrophe using rudimentary equipment. Around 1990, the band changed their name to Mentallo and the Fixer. Selected releases: ‘No Rest For The Wicked’ (1992); ‘Revelations 23’ (1993); ‘Where Angels Fear To Tread’ (1994); ‘Continuum’ (1995); ‘There’s No Air To Breathe’ (1996); ‘Burnt Beyond Recognition’ (1997); ‘Systematik Ruin’ (1999); ‘Algorythum’ (1999); ‘Love Is Law’ (2000); ‘Return To Grimpen Ward’ (2000); ‘Vengeance Is Mine’ (2001). As Benestrophe: ‘Sensory Deprivation’ (1994); ‘Auric Fires’ (1997). Link:

34. Ministry - Before Ministry became the kings of industrial metal with the release of ‘The Land Of Rape And Honey’ in 1988, they had already released three LPs that firmly established them in the electronic music scene: ‘With Sympathy’ (1983); ‘12” Singles’ (1985); ‘Twitch’ (1986). Al Jourgensen has been one of the most tireless proponents of aggressive electronic music. He has participated in numerous side projects which included: 1000 Homo DJs, Acid Horse, PTP, Pailhead, RevCo, and Lard. Other Ministry LP releases include: ’The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste’ (1989); ’Psalm 69’ (1992); ’Filth Pig’ (1996); ’Dark Side Of The Spoon’ (1999); ’Animositisomina’ (2003). Link:

35. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - With the funky brew of fire and brimstone disco/metal band TKK came on the scene with their signing to WaxTrax! Records in 1987. The original intention of main members Groovie Mann (Frank Nardello) and Buzz McCoy (Marston Daley) was to make a movie entitled ‘My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult.’ Instead they attracted the interest of WaxTrax! Records with the soundtrack provided for the film. Selected releases from 1987 to1995 include: ’My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult’ 12” (1987); ’I See Good Spirits and I See Bad Spirits’ (1988); ’Kooler Than Jesus’ EP (1989); ’Confessions Of A Knife’ (1990); ’Sexplosion!’ (1991); ’13 Above The Night’ (1993); ’Hit And Run Holiday’ (1995). Link:

36. Nine Inch Nails - Trent Reznor has been heralded as a genius, a sellout, a misanthrope, and an enigma. Actually, that is a more fitting description of my cat. His fans love him, and his critics despise him. The more critical consensus is that he moved industrial music into the mainstream, with his huge mug shot plastered all over corporate magazine covers like Rolling Stone and Spin. A lot of people view him as the epitome of what went wrong with the American music industry in general. Personally, I never jumped on the NIN bandwagon in the heyday of its popularity. It was with the release of ’The Fragile’ in 1999 that I changed my mind about Trent’s music. I think that this album is brilliant, despite the mainstream media’s critical assessment and the poor record sales. Nevertheless, I included Nine Inch Nails on the basis of the success of the 1989 single “Head Like A Hole.” Selected releases: ’Pretty Hate Machine’ (1989); ’The Downward Spiral’ (1994) ’The Fragile’ (1999). Link:

37. Nitzer Ebb - Nitzer Ebb was formed back in 1982 by Douglas McCarthy, Bon Harris, and David Gooday. Gooday left the band in 1989. They scattered five LP releases over the course of eight years, but their legacy of aggressive electronic dance music cannot be denied. Selected releases: ‘That Total Age’ (1987); ‘Belief’ (1989); ‘Showtime’ (1990); ‘Ebbhead’ (1991); ‘Big Hit’ (1995). Link:

38. Numb - Vancouver band Numb has produced some of the most intense electronic music ever recorded. Led by Don Gordon, Numb was originally formed in 1986. His recent project, Halo_Gen, explores the world of dark ambient music. Selected Numb releases: ’Blue Light’ (1987); ’Numb’ (1988); ’Christmeister’ (1990); ’Death On The Installment Plan’ (1993); ’Wasted Sky’ (1994); ’Blood Meridian’ (1997); ’Language Of Silence’ (1998). Link:

39. Oomph! - German band Oomph! was formed in 1989, but did not release any material until 1991. The band members are: Dero, Flux, and Crap. The band’s first single “Ich Bin Du,” was released in 1991. Since then, the band has been consistent in their efforts. LP releases: ’Oomph!’ (1992); ’Sperm’ (1994); ’Defekt’ (1995); ’Wunschkind’ (1996); ’Unrein’ (1998); ’Plastik’ (1999); ‘EGO’ (2001). Link:

40. Poesie Noire - Belgian band Poesie Noire teetered deftly between the worlds of synthpop and EBM. Between the years 1984 and 1992, the band was quite prolific in terms of output. They also had some very entertaining ideas regarding the titles of their albums. Releases: ’The Giocanda Smile’ (1985); ’’Hum and Haw’ (1986); ’Tales Of Doom’ (1987); ’Tetra’ (1988); ’Existential Despair Metaphysical Distress Ontological Ungludation and Cosmic Meltdown’ (1988); ’En Grande Colere (Seven Tales of Schizophrenia)’ (1988); ’Untitled’ (1988); ’Pity For The Self Or We’ll Teach You To Dance’ (1989); ’Love Is Colder Than Death’ (1989); ’Complicated-Compilated 84-89’ (1990); ’Marianne’ (1991); ’Tabula Rosa’ (1991); ’TBX: Delirious’ (1992). Link:

41. Pouppee Fabrikk - Formed in 1988 by Leif Holm and Henrik Bjorkk, Swedish band Pouppee Fabrikk was influenced by Nitzer Ebb and DAF. Besides their affinity for harsh electronic dance music, the band also pursued a more industrial metal sound akin to that of Die Krupps. LP releases: ‘Rage’ (1990); ‘Portent’ (1991); ‘Crusader’ (1992); ‘We Have Come To Drop Bombs (1993); ‘Djavulen’ (1998); ‘Your Pain Our Gain’ (1999). Link:

42. Revolting Cocks - Debuting in 1986, RevCo’s antics can best be described as one big party fueled by grain alcohol, mischievous pranks, and an endless loop of scrambled porn on the TV. A revolving membership included: Al Jourgensen, Patrick Codenys, Chris Connelly, Paul Barker, Bill Rieflin, Luc Van Acker, Jeff Ward, and Mike Scaccia. Releases: ’Big Sexy Land’ (1986); ’You Goddamned Son Of A Bitch’ (1988); ’Stainless Steel Providers’ (1989); ’Beers, Steers, and Queers’ (1990); ’Linger Ficken’ Good’ (1993). Link:

43. 2nd Communication - Japanese band 2nd Communication incorporated the epic noise of Merzbow, with harsh dance rhythms. Members included: Dossa Yun, Trast C. Howard, and Toshiaki Ishido. Releases: ‘Second Communication’ (1989); ‘My Chromosomal Friend’ (1990); ‘The Brain That Binds The Body‘ 12” (1990); ‘Interaction’ (1992). Link:

44. Snog - DJ David Thrussell formed Snog in 1988, but it was not until 1992 when the single “Corporate Slave” gained Snog international recognition. The Australian also formed his Black Lung project in the mid-nineties. David cites many disparate influences on his music: Foetus, Swans, Tom Waits, Cabaret Voltaire, Ennio Morricone, Kraftwerk, Lustmord, Pink Floyd, Leonard Cohen, Hawkwind, Nick Cave, Lassigue Bendthaus, and Clock DVA. His music often depicts the greed inherently found in Corporate America, and in American capitalism in general. Selected releases: ’Lies, Inc.’ (1992); ’Dear Valued Customer’ (1995); ‘The Future’ (1996); ’Remote Control’ (1997); ’Buy Me… I’ll Change Your Life’ (1998); ’Third Mall From The Sun’ (1999); ’Relax Into The Abyss’ (2000); ’Beyond The Valley Of The Proles’ (2003). As Black Lung: ’Silent Weapons For Silent Wars’ (1995); ’The Depopulation Bomb’ (1995); ’The Disinformation Plague’ (1996); ’The Andronechron Incident’ (2002). Link:

45. Suicide Commando - Using the Suicide Commando moniker as early as 1986, Johan Van Roy produced the first of eventually nine Suicide Commando tape releases back in 1988. Suicide Commando is certainly at the forefront of the EBM revitalization. CD Releases: ’Critical Stage’ (1994); ’Stored Images’ (1995); ’Contamination’ EP (1996); ’State Of Emergency’ (1997); ’Construct-Destruct’ (1998); ’Chromdioxyde’ (1999); ’Mindstrip’ (2000); ’Love Breeds Suicide’ (2001). Link:

46. Swamp Terrorists - The Disco Terrorists formed in 1986. Eventually, members STR, Francis H., and Ane H, changed the band’s name to the Swamp Terrorists. Selected releases: ‘Nightmare’ (1991); ‘Grow-Speed-Injection’ (1992); ‘Combat Shock’ (1994); ‘Killer’ (1995). Link:

47. Velvet Acid Christ - VAC should really be included in the next installment, but according to Bryan Erickson’s VAC biography, the earliest version of Velvet Acid Christ started in 1990. The VAC sound is a combination of acid house, goth, industrial metal, and EBM. Early influences on the band were: The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, early Delerium, Legendary Pink Dots, Aphex Twin, Meat Beat Manifesto, Front Line Assembly, Intermix, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Sisters of Mercy, Napalm Death, Kode IV, Orbital, and Orb. Selected releases: ‘Dimension 8’ (1994); ‘Fate’ (1994); ‘Pestilence’ (1994); ‘Neuralblastoma’ (1995); ‘Church Of Acid’ (1996); ‘Calling Ov The Dead’ (1998); ‘Decypher’ (1999); ‘Fun With Drugs’ (1999); ‘Fun With Knives’ (1999); ‘Fun With Razors’ (1999); ‘Twisted Thought Generator’ (2000); ‘Dial8’ (2000). Link:

48. Vomito Negro/Blok 57 - The intensely dark electronic music of Vomito Negro was initiated in 1983 by Guy Van Mieghem and Gin Devo. Guy was also a member of Blok 57 along with Dirk Ivens. Selected releases: “Vomito Negro” 12” (1985); “Stay Alive” 12” (1986); ‘Dare’ (1987); ‘Shock’ (1989); ‘Human’ (1990); ‘The New Drug’ (1991); ‘Wake Up’ (1992). Blok 57 discography: ‘Blok 57’ (1991); ‘Mean Machine’ (1993); ‘Animals On Speed’ (1994). Link:

49. Welle:Erdball - German band Welle:Erdball produced their first demo in 1991. The band is another candidate for inclusion in the next EBM installment, but I believe the infancy of the band began around 1990. Nevertheless, in terms of musical output, they have been consistently active since 1993. Releases: ‘Nyntando-Schock’ (1993); ‘Frontalaufprall’ (1994); ‘W.O.L.F.’ (1995); ‘Alles Ist Moglich’ (1995); ‘Telephon W-38’ (1996); ‘Transplant 2000’ (1996); ‘Der Sinn Des Lebens’ (1998); ‘Starfighter F-104G’ (2000); ‘VW-Kafer & 1000 Tage’ (2001); ‘Super8’ (2001); ‘Die Wunderwelt der Technik’ (2002). Link:

50. X Marks The Pedwalk - The earliest incarnation of German band X Marks The Pedwalk appeared in 1987. By 1989 Sevren Ni-Arb and Regan Eracs named the band X Marks The Pedwalk and released their first single “Arbitrary Execution” on Zoth Ommog. Selected releases: ‘Disease Control’ (1990); ‘Freaks’ (1991); ‘The Trap’ (1992); ‘Human Desolation’ (1993); ‘Paranoid Illusions’ (1993); ‘The Killing Had Begun’ (1994); ‘Air Back Trax’ (1994); ‘Facer’ (1995); ‘Meshwork’ (1996); ‘Drawback’ (1998); ‘Retrospective 1988-1999’ (1999). Link:

51. Xorcist - The Xorcist project began in 1985. Since then, Peter Stone has composed music that spans the gamut of electronic music: dark ambient, EBM, goth, and industrial. He has also been active with side projects Xenon and Diode Fetish, and has composed game and film scores. Two film scores, ’Forbidden Photographs’ and ’Human Behavior, have recently been completed and await release. Selected releases: ‘Damned Souls’ (1991); ‘Bitches’ (1994); ‘Phantoms’ (1995); ‘Scorched Blood’ (1997); ‘Soul Reflection’ (1997); ‘Nomad’ (1999); ‘Insects & Angels’ (2000); ‘Bad Mojo’ game score (2001); ‘Harmonic Convergence’ (2001).

52. Young Gods - Swiss experimentalists the Young Gods are not really an EBM band. Their seemingly endless imagination has allowed them to successfully venture into the worlds of dark ambient, space rock, psychedelic, techno, and industrial metal. They are truly one of the most underrated bands of the past twenty years. Recently, Ipecac Recordings re-released the ’Second Nature,’ which was originally released on the French label Intoxygene. If you are into progressive electronic music with an edge, then please listen to this CD. Selected releases: “Envoye” 12” (1986); ’Young Gods’ (1987); ’L’eau Rouge’ (1989); ’T.V. Sky’ (1991); ’Play Kurt Weill’ (1991); ’Only Heaven’ (1995); ’Heaven Deconstruction’ (1997); ’Second Nature’ (2000). Franz Treichler: ‘Braindance’ (2000). Link: http;//

Other general resources used:
Industrial Revolution, Thompson, Dave, 1994, Cleopatra. This book certainly is responsible for the framework of this project.

A big thank you to all of those willing to share information.

Coming soon: EBM#4 1991-1996
Coming sooner: Key Projects. This will highlight selected works of cEvin Key from 1989-1997.

Until next time…

Michael Casano

Copyright 2003, Michael Casano

 Written By:  

 Michael Casano


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